City as Space of Rules and Dreaming


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The project is is funded by the Kone Foundation and coordinated by the Academy of Fine Arts
(Doctoral programme) at the University of the Arts Helsinki 

Other partners are Helsinki University Faculty of Law, Helsinki University Faculty of Arts / Aesthetics
and Aalto University Department of Built Environment





Aino Hirvola, Henna-Riikka Halonen, Paul Tiensuu,
Tanja Tiekso & Maiju Loukola

Recital “How is Art Useful? Let’s not invite dialogue – aka Society + Research + Art + Participation ≠ Dialogue”, in SibA Research Days 2024, Musiikkitalo Helsinki


Tanja Tiekso & Maiju Loukola: “Pysäytyskuvia – hetkellisen yhteisön ja kollektiivisen organisointumisen paikka kaupunkitilassa”, artistic intervention, in Tutkijaliiton kesäkoulu 2024: KATU, Helsinki


Aino Hirvola, 

“Collective will in planning stemming from confrontation and polarization – desirable or frightening?”, The AESOP* 2023 Congress, ‘Integral Planning in a World of Turbiulence’, Lodz, Poland (*Association of European School s of Planning)

Aino Hirvola, “Populism in the places that don’t matter – and how to read it)”, researach seminar on Strategic spatial planning in times of crises, Wien


Aino Hirvola, “Hegemonic struggles & snapshots’ in time and space (esitelmä), art + research event and symposium City is a Thin Line, Villa Lill Kallvik, Helsinki 


Paul Tiensuu, “Itsemääräämisoikeuden perusteleminen ihmisoikeutena”, in Hyvinvointioikeuden päivät, Itä-Suomen yliopisto


Paul Tiensuu, keynote lecture: “Théorie des problèmes et philosophie du concept de Cavaillés à Deleuze”, in ‘Jean Cavaillès and His Intellectual Milieu’, KU Leuven


Presentations at KuvA Research Days 2022

Aino Hirvola: "Exception makes/breaks the rule – Hegemonic struggles in urban space"
Maiju Loukola: "Inscribed need to get lost, terrified, dream"
Paul Tiensuu
: "Spaces of legal exception"
Tanja Tiekso & Tuomo Alhojärvi: "Map Listen Dream"


Paul Tiensuu: "From Carpenter's Square to Citizens' Square: on Strategic Agencement and Spatiality of Norms", in EARN (European Artistic Research Network) Gathering “Making Artistic Research Public" 


Tanja Tiekso: Conference presentation in the European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies (EAM) 8th conference, Lissabon


Paul Tiensuu: “Contesting the production of city space. What are we going to do, Ari?”, Ari Hirvosen muistoseminaari 

25.-26. 8.2022

Aino Hirvola: "Towards the ‘closure’ in planning through the formation of collective will." PLANNORD-symposium, Aalborg, Denmark


Paul Tiensuu: Ari Hirvosen muistoseminaari (organsointi)/ Commemorate seminar for Ari Hirvonen (organizer). Speakers in the session dedicated to the City as Space of Rules and Dreaming project: Chris Butler, Karin Van Marle, Maiju Loukola, Paul Tiensuu 

25.-29.7. 2022

Aino Hirvola: "Emancipation through populism? Seeing those non-visible in planning." The AESOP* 2022 Congress 'Space for Species: Redefining Spatial Justice', Tartu, Estonia (*Association of European Schools of Planning)


Aino Hirvola & Paul Tiensuu: "Urban space and collective action – What is in the relationship?"Kaupunkitutkimuksen päivät, Tampere


Maiju Loukola: "Spatial justice in your dreams", Kaupunkitutkimuksen päivät/ Urban research days 2022, Tampere, in ‘Urban sustainability between spatial, social and data justice’ working group


Aino Hirvola: "The limited weight of democratic practices in the legitimacy of contractual urban policies in Finland - Do we have the will to increase it?" In Research symposium ”Soft spaces, soft planning, and the future of regulatory planning”, Aalborg University, Denmark


Aino Hirvola, Tanja Tiekso, Paul Tiensuu, Maiju Loukola: Opening seminar/ Hankkeen avausseminaari, Hietsun paviljonki. Speakers: project cesearchers and ollaborators Niran Baibulat, Denise Ziegler, Chris Butler, Simon Critchley, Josue Moreno, Antti Nyyssölä, Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Jan Schacher, Stefan Winter

Presentations at KuvA Research Days 2021
Maiju Loukola, Tanja Tiekso and Paul Tiensuu
: Time and Space Arts research day at Oodi Central Library / Kuvataideakatemian tutkimuspäivät 2021, Tila-aikataiteen tutkimuspäivä Oodi Keskustakirjastolla yhdessä Tila-aikataiteen maisteriopiskelijoiden kanssa + Tila-aikataiteen opiskelijoiden näyttelyn "In the Spaces of Rules and Dreaming" katselmus (kuratoinut Tanja Kiiveri) Oodissa